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The Canadian born singer Glenn Lewis is set to release his sophomore album Moment of Truth on October 15th,with the lead single “Cant say love”a beautiful ballad that is climbing the charts.Glenn Lewis also teamed up with Producers Carvin and Ivan and Dre and Vidal to produce this masterpiece of an album which is set to bring the Love and true artistry back into the R&B music scene.R&B music is back on the rise and this album proves it.After reviewing the Album I have determined that this may be one of the best pieces of work put out in a long time.Glenn Lewis teams up with fellow Canadian born singer Melonie Fiona in a track called All my love that has a island vibe and Glenn and Melonie sound great together on this song.

Random Thoughts is a song that plays to a man and woman on social media,if you ask me this was a genius of an idea for a song,that too is a winner.It was really hard for me to pick a favorite but the song titled Up and Down is what the women have been looking for in a song ,this tracks catchy hook and superb wordplay and Glenn’s awesome vocals in the lyrics have definitely made me a believer again in the R&B scene..Honestly every song on this album is like a conversation between a man and a woman and is about as real as it gets.There is not one song on the album that I can say I don’t like,it has that Philly feel to it(maybe its because all Philly producers produced it) you can choose for yourself October 15th.Take a listen to the lead single off the album titled “Cant say Love”

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