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Ms. Lauryn Hill reminded many as to why they fell in love with her yesterday when she posted a piece on her tumblr page regarding race and the literal and theoretical trials that African Americans face on a daily basis. It was thought provoking, eloquent and mult-faceted. In other words the girl wrote her face off!

(Wait can someone actually be said to write their face off though? Sing their face off sure …well if you can in fact write your face off then she did it! But we digress!)

Because of the sheer length of the writing that L-Boogie posted we are unable to share it in it’s entirety, but we are going to share some of it’s highlights.

“The prosecutor, who was a woman, made a statement during sentencing about me not doing any charity work for a number of years during my ‘exile.’ A) Charity work is not a requirement, but something done because someone wants to. I was clearly doing charitable works way before other people were even thinking about it. And B) Even the judge had to comment that she, meaning I, was both having and raising children during this period. As if that was not challenging enough to do. She sounded like the echo of the grotesque slave master, who expected women to give birth while in the field, scoop the Baby up, and then continue to work. Disgusting.”

“When you are beaten and penalized for being independent, or truly self reliant, then you develop a dysfunctional relationship with self-reliance, and a fear of true independence. When you are beaten or threatened with death for trying to read a book, then you develop a dysfunctional relationship with education. When families are broken up by force and threat of violence, then the family structure becomes dysfunctional. When men who would naturally defend their women and families are threatened with castration and death, then this natural response also becomes dysfunctional. When looking at the oppressor is punishable by violence, then examination of him and his system becomes a difficult and taboo thing to do, despite every bone in your body demanding it. When questioning or opposing oppression is punishable by death, imprisonment, or economic assassination, then opposing systemic wrong in any or all of its meta manifestations is a terrifying concept. Anyone forced to live so incredibly diametrically opposed to that which is natural to themselves, will end up in crisis if they don’t successfully find a way to improve or transcend these circumstances! All of which require healing. It is only by the Grace of God and the resilience of the people that things haven’t been worse.”

“Much of my music, if not all of it, is about Love, a therapeutic resolve created in response to the lack of messages encouraging people like me toward free moral agency. Helping to ameliorate this condition has never been addressed through the political arena alone. It is a sacrificial work that doesn’t simply happen between the hours of 9 to 5 or Monday through Friday, but when inspiration leads us to avail ourselves for the Truth that needs to be said. Unlike the system too often contrarily demonstrates, we believe that people can be and should be helped, and that trauma should not be criminalized but acknowledged, healed and dealt with. This takes awareness, sensitivity and a level of freedom in my opinion the system lacks. And if we don’t know or understand how to do it, then we humbly refer to a higher authority.”

Read More Of Her Post Here

And there is so much more to it than just that which we shared. Some called the writing in Ms. Hill’s post ranting. While others called it crazy talk. But what we saw in it was her truth. This truth that Lauryn is both speaking on and reconciling herself with as she prepares to enter a prison cell is deep. In just days she will be a mother, a singer, a rapper, a family member, a friend, and a prisoner. She is speaking on it and we get it, do you?


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