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With the growing number of teenagers with cell phones, there is a lot of text slang words parents should know. Text slang is words and phrases used only through text messaging, instant messaging, and even social networking between people. This generation of preteens and teenagers were practically born with cell phones already attached to their hands. According to Pew Research Center, about 75% of 12 to 17 year olds own a cell phone. About 88% of teenagers who own cell phones use text messaging. When your teen is texting or typing things you don’t understand, this is a list of text slang parents should know.

A lot of the text slang words used by teenagers is shorthand or initials for certain phrases. Many of the phrases in text slang include profanity so if a parent or guardian checks their phone, they won’t know what it is.

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LLS –Laughing Like Sh*t is something teenagers are increasingly using instead of the commonly known ‘Lol’.

LMFAO – Laughing My F*cking *ss Off is a derivative of ‘Lol’ used by teenagers and young adults. There is now a band named after this common text slang. ‘LMFAO’ is a popular duo pop band who are the son and grandson of music executive Berry Gordy.

CTFU – Cracking The F*ck Up is also used for when responding to something that is funny.

SYDAD – Sit Your Dumb*ss Down is text slang that is also used on social networks like Twitter. This is used when someone says or does something deemed stupid and lacking common sense.

FOH – F*ck Outta Here is text slang used both on cell phone messages as well as social media. This text slang is used for when something seems unbelievable or fake.

STFU – Shut The F*ck Up is also text slang that has crossed over into social media. Instead of saying ‘shut up’, there’s now shorthand to add the F-word for added emphasis.

SMH – Shaking My Head is for those text messages or Facebook and Twitter statues there’s no plausible response for. You don’t what to say so you’re left to SMH.

YOLO – You Only Live Once is a popular phrase popularized by rapper Drake. Ever since his single “Motto” dropped, this phrase has become popular as text slang and is used on social media.

Of course there are dozens more phrases and sayings of text slang parents should know. These are among the most popular and you’ll be sure to find in your teenagers phone.

Have you found text slang or unknown abbreviations in your teenagers phone? Let us know!

words by: Valerye Griffin – (@valmarie)

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