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In today’s climate it’s hard to believe that white people are STILL openly being racist and bashing the black race. What’s even more disgusting about the video you are about to watch, is the black man co-signing the babble from the ignorant white woman who is CLEARLY out-of-touch with reality.

There is this theory that black men like white women more…

A very non-lovely individual decided to post a video expressing her disposition with black women on Youtube. In the candid video, she discusses why–in her mind–black men seek white women over black women:

“The reason why black men like black girls is because we don’t have to pay for our hair and it’s real. And while we are having sex they don’t have to worry about pulling out their track.”

“I ask that question all the time, what is it about white girls that you like and the answer is, we don’t have as much attitude as a black girl because they’re so quick to give an attitude when you ask them to do something[…]“

“We white women stand by our man through thick and thin, black girls so quick to leave”

“Majority of black girls look at black guys thinking ‘I want all his money’ and when you don’t have much money they go to the next one.”

“Most black girls expect the man to provide for them […] With white girls it’s all about 50/50″

“You’ll barely see a white woman with 5 or 6 kids but you’ll see a black woman with 6 kids with different baby-daddies”

& finally… “Black girls have reason to hate!”

This is the one of the saddest videos I’ve ever seen!

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