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Let’s face it, our children grow so fast it’s hard to keep up with them when it comes to buying them clothes. I learned the hard way that I don’t always have to buy the most expensive outfits because in reality they will probably only wear it once or twice and most likely it will get stained.

So, now I reserve the expensive outfits for special occasions and I purchase everyday wear that is still cute but affordable. Here are three great places that I like to shop for children’s clothes.


Target always has some cute sets for children. I usually pick up a few outfit sets every other month or so just so my daughter has outfits that she can just run around in. If she messes them up it’s no big deal.

Gap/Old Navy

Gap and Old Navy have really cute outfits. I get a lot of my daughter’s T-shirts and shoes there. It is somewhat pricy sometimes but I wait for a sale or shop on clearance. One thing I do love about Gap and Old Navy clothes is that they last a long time. The longer they can fit them, the more money you save.

TJMAXX/ Marshall’s

TJMAXX and Marshall’s have great prices for children clothes. What I love the most is I can still get the top brand clothes there for a cheaper price as opposed to going to the department stores. I always find everything I need for her in one place. Dresses, shoes, outfits, etc. Best part is the children’s department is near the kids toys so my daughter can play while I shop. Perfecto!

Where do you like to shop for your kids?

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