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Déjà vu? Kerry Washington and Jamie Foxx will team up again to star inQuentin Tarantino‘s upcoming film “Django Unchained.” The pair worked together in 2004′s “Ray” that scored Foxx an Oscar for Best Actor.

“[Washington will] play the long suffering slave wife of Django (Jamie Foxx), who is freed by a bounty hunter (Christoph Waltz) and taught the tricks of that trade. Django’s real desire is to be reunited with his wife, who winds up in a variety of unsavory places, and whose travails drive the plot. It leads to a confrontation in Candyland, a ranch owned by a the notorious Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio).”

Tarantino says he set out to get Washington from the beginning, but went on a casting search to “discover” a potential new female lead; the search led him back to her.

The film also reportedly stars Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

There is no word yet on when production will begin.