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Black films have always played a major role in the entertainment of the black community. But many black films have gotten a bad rap due to stereotypes and character roles, which show African American actors/actresses in less than an admiring light. Many believe that most black films speak directly to a community that is broken and show what’s true about life, but others believe most black films degrade black woman and legitimize the fatherless black man with a hood complex. Regardless of what you may believe about black films, some of them are just simply amazing films. Below we have complied a list of the 15 best black films of the past 30 years that may have been overlooked. Check it out…

Paid In Full


Poetic Justice


School Daze

The Wood

High Learning

Soul Food

Menace 2 Society


Jungle Fever

Boyz N The Hood

Malcolm X

Do The Right Thing

The Inkwell