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Nicki Minaj finally grew some balls and dumped her abusive boyfriend Safaree. As you all know, Nicki had to call the police on Safaree a few weeks ago when he attacked her in their hotel room. Nicki called the cops on Safaree two weeks ago and today our friends at MTO are saying not only did Nicki dump him, she fired him as her hype man and had her security escort him from the premises. But the story doesn’t end there, dude returned to their LA condo and is refusing to leave, and get this that dirty dog is bringing his jumpoffs to their condo,while Nicki is touring.

Nicki you need to have your people handle this stat!

Nicki Minaj & Boyfriend Get Into Another Fight!

Nicki Minaj Denies Beatdown, Says “Man Would Have Balls Removed”

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