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Character replacing isn’t a foreign concept. Most of us adapted to the new Aunt Viv on “Fresh Prince of Bel Air.”. VH1’s “Single Ladies” premiered only a few short months ago, most of us are already sucked in and waiting on the saucy second season.

But rumor has it, Stacey Dash–who plays the forever-fantasizing Val–was not asked to return to the show in its second season. It’s such a shame because we loved Stacey’s interpretation of Val’s princess mentality.

Although we love to look at the eye candy that is the timeless Stacey Dash, we’re going to have to embrace a brand new Val. No time to mourn, we want the show to progress, so which Hollywood hottie would you want to see play Val? She represents the doe-eyed dreamer in all women–looking for love and unwilling to compromise for anything less than a fairy tale. Here’s our picks for the new Val!

Gabrielle Union

The gorgeous Gabrielle Union would be perfect for Val. Gabrielle is a seasoned actress with the chops to pull off Val’s light-hearted, slightly naive appeal. Besides, can’t you just imagine her desperately trying to get Jerry back?

Tika Sumpter

Many of us didn’t notice Tika until her concurrent guest spots on “Gossip Girl” and “The Game,” but the breathtaking actress has solidified her spot on a short list of “It Girls” with her dedication to her characters and her love affair with the camera. Tika could breathe new life into Val.

Meagan Good

Although Meagan has never really proved that she can be more than the lustful eye candy in any movie or TV appearance, we know she’s got the skills to pull of Val’s innocence.

Christina Milian

Christina could use a win. Landing this role could boost her career. She’s a very talented actress with the same mix of sexy and cute that Stacey has.

Garcelle Beauvais

Garcelle’s got an infectious smile and it’s been a while since we’ve seen her being the object of someone’s affection. She’s got the kind of charm that perfectly suits Val.

Who’s got your vote for the new Val?