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Our favorite pseudo celebs that we sorta love and sorta hate, the ladies of BBW’s are back this week and serving up the high school drama that we—quiet as it’s kept, like to explore vicariously through them. This week we watched a friendship that’s slowly been unraveling over the past few seasons  completely unfold while Meeka and Suzie continues to get caught up in their own separate web of lies. It seems throughout all the foolishness we love them all the same, check out 6 reasons why we love to hate the BBW’s below:

6. It brings back our youth. As I, @arieinthecity, mentioned before, we hate the immature antics of the BBW’s but for some reason we don’t hate it enough to stop watching. Although there is no true plot and it seems as though the only thing they do is dine out and gossip, we just can’t turn it down. Whether its the way they alternate between who they hate at the moment (Meeka, Suzie, and Royce), or the never ending verbal lacerations from Tami—we always make sure to tune in and we’re always guaranteed a laugh.

5. The many animations of Tami. Ever really pay attention to Tami? I mean really pay attention to Tami. This week I just peeped her entire vibe and her entire persona was…comical, to say the least. The grunts. The screw face. The eye rolls. The “I don’t know about you, but I just got done marching to redemption and damn am I tired” walk. The “Get on my level” attitude, th…you get the point, she’s a character. In the midst of the mystery informant, going back and leaking info to Royce (the 2 suspects being Suzie and Meeka) and getting the scoop first hand on Evelyn’s issues with Jen, it’s safe to say Tami not only has an opinion for everything and everybody but an expression as well.

4. The denial. I love the way Shaunie believes she’s so  anti reality TV drama, knowing damn well she feeds the drama. She knew what she was doing when she chose to invite Meeka on the trip to Rome and leave Royce in Miami. She knew what she was doing bringing Tami and Meeka on the trip together knowing they don’t get along. If a person is really this “pro peace” advocate and trying to do everything in their power to prevent any drama from occurring you would absolutely not bring the two most drama forced people on a trip together, especially when you have previous knowledge of their dislike for one another.

3. Evelyn makes a valuable point. We wait for moments like these. The moment, the single most idiotic cast member of a show makes a point you can actually agree with. That “Ah, yeah she’s right,” moment. To be honest it caught me off guard but when she went into detail on how Jennifer has always low key shaded Evelyn and Chad’s business arrangement relationship all along, but in retrospect I realized she was right. Despite my biased opinion in true friendships you should try and support whatever business endeavors or relationships your girlfriend is involved in, as long as it’s not doing her any harm or defaming her character anymore than she’s defamed herself you are supposed to have your friend’s back. I actually agreed that it seems as though Evelyn has been a pretty solid friend to her Jen still went ahead and pooped on her, just a little (If you’d like to hear the interview that ended their friendship, check it out here).

2. Jen haveth not a clueth. In Jen’s defense she really truly seems clueless. She always seems clueless. Just the comment alone she made in this episode: “The chef was very Italian, he had a heavy accent. I mean I guess we are in Italy, right?” was enough to let you know off the bat that although she graduated cum laude from the University of Maryland, she has yet to enroll into the school of common sense. I mean would it be that much of a stretch to not only have brains in books but in common sense as well? Oh. I’m asking for too much…oh. Okay. Needless to say, after she let down the “I mean, so what. I don’t really care” attitude( in that careless manner that only Jen could muster) and unleashed the tears post falling out with Evelyn, I actually felt bad for the girl.

1. Gotta love the brawls. In next week’s episode somebody fights. While it remains unclear who exactly the fighters, Tami vs. Meeka, Jennifer vs. Evelyn or Suzie vs. somebody, the fact is clear that there is a fight. A fight void of drink throwing, which could be our first and most credible clue that one of the “scrappers” was Tami. We all know Tami is not one for games, she doesn’t stall. If she’s going to fight, her weapon of choice is her fists, not the nearest drink.

Check out the full episode below with the above reasons in mind and let me know your thoughts!

Also, check out a gallery of Tami’s different animated faces!

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