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The new Mary Mary album “Something Bigger” is excellent! It is  inspirati0nal from start to finish.  With this being the start of  warm weather  and two days after Easter I started to think about Motivational Music.

We all have a track or two that we play when we need to be inspired. Here are 8 Tracks  from the new Mary Mary album that I think will  get you to kick start your change in life.

1. “Something Big”   According to Mary Mary, “Jesus will do “Something Big” for you…change your life…if you let Him.” You have to embrace the something big and take the chance.

2. “Something BIGGER” The message says, “Dream and live as big as our big God!” If you want to get your morning started then you can play this song as loud as you want. It will charge your battery.

3. “It Is Well” It is an updated version  of the hymn. Rarely do you find an adaptation of a traditional song that you like. This one I really like. We all are struggling through this life. The wearing down of our souls by the out of control demands placed on us. It gives a  great reminder to what life is truly about. The song says: “My heart’s been broken into pieces/ And I’ve had more than my share of pain/ Still I believe that all things will work out for my good /So while in my storm I’ll proudly proclaim that”

4. “Never Wave My Flag”– This single  is  feisty, defiant, optimistic, and determined and encouraging. This song should be the theme song to anyone who has made it through this recession. It is not a disrespectful song filled with bravado, but a song of determination. The ladies really bring their A game on this song.

5. “Walking” The ladies take us through a morning stroll. That is exactly what this song can be used for. You can take it with you on your walk to work. You can play it it on your way through the supermarket.  The follow up song is the real kicker.

6. “Slow Walk” When I first heard this song I nearly wanted to jump out of my skin. This is THE THEME for every working woman I know. I felt like the lyrics were written after someone followed me around for a day. When the ladies  sing:“if you take /your time gotta be precise/ gotta have a plan/ double check it twice wait, /hold up/slow down/still gon’ need advice /someones gone before/ maybe talk to them/ then after you do/ go and talk to him” Mothers  will laugh when  they hear “Krista put my phone down” in the midst of the song. Isn’t that what we sound like in life.

7. “Sitting With Me”– I love the message. Any person striving to be godly in today’s world will identify with this. This song just strikes a cord for those of us who live in a world where our Faith is called into question everyday. The first time I heard this song I wanted to cry. It talks of being of  integrity and called not to be mired in muck.

8. “Homecoming Glory” To be honest, I hated this track when I first heard it.  Then I sat down and listened to the lyrics. I really listened to them. Anyone who has lost someone they love will feel this very deeply. It was only on my 12th listen of the album  did  this track suddenly click.   The music is very light and spring like. It’s playful in that you want to be a child and sit in the park and contemplate wonder.

Something Big works for me. The above 8 Tracks are my theme for this Spring. The ladies have always had well produced albums. This album does feel bigger. I think it meets you where you are in the real world. It’s a life album. I hope you are as motivated as I am.

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