Sybil Wilkes

2/1/17- It’s Hump Day on the TJMS and the crew is jumping right into Bill Bellamy’s beef! Find out why the comedian has issues with Gospel star Cece Winans, Baby Bobby Brown and more. Listen below.

1/25/17- Sybil Wilkes reports on the morning’s news and headlines including, Donald Trump’s latest threat the death of the Founder of WorldStarHipHop and much more. Listen below.

1/24/17- It’s a Lavell Crawford kind of Tuesday on the TJMS! Find out about the funny man’s new bit, The Fat Man’s Corner, why the Devil Worshipers for Trump make him nervous and much more! Listen below.

1/23/17- It’s Monday and co-host Arsenio Hall is talking all things NFL, Chris Brown and Soulja Boy and of course the President of the United States, Donald Trump. Listen below!  

  1/117/17- Sybil Wilkes reports on today’s biggest news and entertainment headlines, including the shooting at the MLK Jr. Parade over the weekend and more. Listen above.

1/10/17- Sybil Wilkes reports on the latest in news and entertainment headlines, including the Orlando police officers killed, POTUS’ final address and more. Get caught up below.

  1/5/17- It’s Friday eve or what we like to call Sherri Shepherd Thursday! Find out what really happened at Ricky Harris‘ funeral and find out why she made headlines. Listen above!

  1/2/17- The all new TJMS is back! Find out how Tom, Sybil and comedian Damon Williams spent the last few days of 2016 and why anything was better than what Mariah Carey did on national television. Listen above.

  11/16/16- The Trump effect continues with more and more hate spread across the country. Also find out which NFL player just may lose his endorsement deals over an alleged sex tape.    

Sybil Wilkes talks with ABC news anchor Elizabeth Vargas about her new memoir BETWEEN BREATHS: A Memoir of Panic and Addiction. Vargas on there being no “typical” representation of alcoholism: “People think that if you’re an alcoholic you must be the guy living under the bridge, doesn’t have a job, wearing the raincoat, looks terrible, always […]

10/13/16- It’s Friday Eve on the TJMS and the crew, including Sherri Shepherd, are remembering the legendary Tommy Ford from ‘Martin’ and of course weigh in on Trump’s latest blunder and newest accusations.  

10/7/16- It’s Fun Friday on the TJMS, despite Hurricane Matthew causing havoc in Haiti and in Florida. Find out why some of your favorite things may be taxed do to the weather, especially that. Listen above!