DJ Khaled has announced that he will donate “100 percent” of the proceeds from his new single “Higher” to the children of Nipsey Hussle. Khaled has been given the blessing of the family to share Nipsey’s “energy and positivity” he brought to the set for the video of the song that also features John Legend. […]

John Legend’s Get Lifted Film Company has a new home. Legend has moved from Sony to ABC Studios. The company will develop scripted TV projects for all platforms. Get Lifted has already produced the WGN show Underground and the live production of Jesus Christ Superstar for NBC. Source:    

Chrissy admits to weighing herself up to three a times a day before she had kids. She weighed herself so much that she knew how much she should weigh at certain times of day. Chrissy, an author of cookbooks, was asked, “how do you eat like this?” This is when she revealed that she is […]

John Legend and his 2-year-old daughter Luna are about to put that Baby Shark song back in your head. Daddy and daughter performed the catchy track on an Instagram video. Legend was wearing a shirt with sharks on it. When he asked Luna what was on the shirt, she began singing Baby Shark. Legend joined […]

It looks like the John Legend voice option on Google Home is becoming a thing.  Google teased the John Legend voice last year, but getting the voice right was easier said than done.  Now it seems you’ll have Legend’s voice in limited access, but according to Google, the feature should be a regular option in […]

John Legend is weighing in on the alleged college scam that has rocked the nation involving actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin. Legend says he isn’t surprised by the scandal and that the US education system has long been rigged for wealthy people. Legend pointed out how colleges and universities reward wealthy parents because of […]

The music superstar will let his faith shine through his new song “Preach” on Feb 15th. “I grew up in the church and one of the things we talked about was loving our neighbors as we love ourselves,” Legend says in a recent Instagram video promoting the new song. “My preacher told me that our neighbor […]

John Legend is releasing his first Christmas album for the Holiday season in just a few weeks. A Legendary Christmas will be released October 26th. The project will feature 14 songs including, “Bring Me Love.” Check out his video talking about the project below: Album Art for “A Legendary Christmas.” Then on December 4th John […]

John Legend knew Tiffany Haddish was destined for stardom soon as he seen her act at a comedy club. Listen to their interview with each other during “Actors on Actors.”

John Legend is back! Love this song and it’s feel good vibe. The video Good Night follows the meeting and relationship of a girl and guy who meet at a club. John plays the DJ at the club. You don’t notice it’s him until he takes of his glasses. Throughout the video their relationship is […]

University of Pennsylvania Alumni, Singer and Producer John Legend is producing a new series with Netflix that’ll involve his musical abilities. The new unscripted hip-hop series is titled Rhythm & Flow and will serve as the first foray into the talent discovery sphere like American Idol, The X-Factor and The Voice. No details have been […]