Young actress Yara Shahidi has announced her college acceptance excitement to Harvard via her Instagram page! The Black-ish star will join fellow #CrimsonPride students at Harvard University in the near future. In addition to this exciting news, the 17-year-old will also be classmates with Malia Obama, who’s currently interning with the Harvey Weinstein Company in New York […]

Harvard student Obasi Shaw, an English major, has become the first Harvard student to create a rap album as a senior thesis. His album is dedicated to the difficulties and struggles of black Americans and takes inspiration from both Chance The Rapper and Kendrick Lamar. “Some people don’t consider rap a high art form,” Shaw […]

“It’s a very sacred place, the stage and the screen," she said about her role as an actor.


A Long Island, New York high school student who was accepted into 12 colleges, including all eight Ivies, plans to attend Harvard University in the fall.

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Harvard University, and its hallowed halls, is one of the most-respected higher learning institutions in the world. But like many longstanding establishments in the United…

African-American students were outraged to see portraits of Harvard Law School's Black professors defaced, leading to an investigation by the police and a string of discussions about racial injustice at Harvard University.


A diploma belonging to Harvard’s first African-American graduate, Richard T. Greener, has been the subject of concern after the man who discovered it threatened to…