FOLLOW The Quincy Harris Morning Show on Instagram @QHMShow The Braintree, Massachusetts PD are hoping so, asking would-be criminals to chill out until the intense heat passes through. The PD posted a note to potential wrongdoers through their Facebook page which read Due to the extreme heat we are asking anyone thinking of criminal activity […]

  Unrepentant jewel thief Doris Payne has been arrested again. But this time, it’s not for a new theft. The 86-year-old Payne was arrested on a failure to a appear warrant for an earlier theft at Atlanta’s Perimeter Mall. The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports: Doris Payne, the jewel thief who’s stolen about $2 million worth […]

was abducted as a newborn from a Jacksonville hospital in 1998.

An elderly Alabama man tied an alleged burglar to a tree. The intruder was dead when deputies arrived.

Thankfully, 94-year-old Betty Reid Soskin is home recovering and will return to work soon. In the meantime, POTUS says he'll send her a new coin.

Vinnie Taylor admitted to fraud and being responsible for the 2014 death of one of his clients.

The Michigan Attorney General says this is just the beginning and that more charges are to come.

There is no evidence that the gun was fired, police said. They released information about the finding Tuesday after an attorney for the man accused of shooting Smith hinted that a second gun at the scene made his client fear for his life.

Reports show that gunman Jason Dalton, a local Uber driver, also took fares during and after these murders.

A Florida teenager fascinated with the medical field was arrested for impersonating a doctor multiple times.

A haircut turned into an attempted murder when a woman tried to shoot a barber who gave her an alleged botched hairstyle.

There are several times when what we report isn't news; it's just pure evil. This is one of them.