3/15/17- Did you know Ben Affleck just completed rehab? Comedian Chris Paul reveals the one thing that will certainly send him back in. Listen to find out below.

3/10/17- Comedian Chris Paul has proof that Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez might be dating and he gives details on what’s going on in the Joe Biden family drama. Listen below.

2/21/17- As if you needed another reason to dislike Donald Trump, Comedian Chris Paul has a new website that lists all of the questionable things 45 has done since being in office. Listen below.

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  10/14/16- It’s Dr. Day on the TJMS and Comedian Chris Paul has a message just for us! And no, he doesn’t care that he can’t sing. Clearly!

10/7/16- Comedian Chris Paul is hailing the men that robbed Kim K as international heroes. Find out why and how POTUS may be preferred over sex.

  9/21/16- Find out why Comedian Chris Paul isn’t surprised that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are divorcing and how he can tell which candy is the favorite of each member of the Trump family.

  8/22/16- Find out why a two inch Donald Trump is floating around several cities and why Comedian Chris Paul compares Carmelo Anthony to a baby mama.

8/12/16- What would Chris Paul put on Donald Trump’s summer playlist? Click the link above to hear what songs by Rihanna and Ceelo Green made the list.

8/10/16- The limbo champ? Comedian Chris Paul says Donald Trump is that and more. Also find out why Serena Williams should’ve been working instead of twerking. Listen above.

7/19/16- Click the link above to hear Comedian Chris Paul breakdown Melania Trump’s speech at the Republican National Convention and why you can no longer get your porn where you get your Big Mac.