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The Coronavirus has be traveling around the globe and we have not quite found a solution for this epidemic. Almost over 2,000 deaths (1,800 to be exact) have fell victim of this terrible virus. One continent that this deadly virus might have on its radar next. You guessed right, Africa. The World Health Organization have […]

Ragu has recalled several of their pasta sauces over concerns of possible plastic fragments in the jars.  While the company says it has not received any consumer complaints they are pulling the sauces out of caution. The sauces were distributed nationwide and you can find out which five sauces were recalled by visiting ragu.com and […]

IHOP has introduced new burgers to their menu which may seem to be the reason behind the proposed name change to IHOB.  The new steakburgers are made with Black Angus beef and are called the Big IHOP Pancake Burger, Garlic Butter Butter, and the Loaded Philly Burger. The burger getting all the buzz as you […]

You really should look at your microwave as a kitchen tool rather than just something you use to heat up leftovers and TV dinners. It’s capable of doing much more. Here are a few hacks that will turn you into a cuisine superstar in no time. Toss some cloves of garlic into the microwave and […]

Make sure you’re paying attention to the NBA Finals. It could earn you a free Doritos Locos Taco courtesy of Taco Bell. Now in its fourth year, the fast-food giant has brought back their “Steal A Game, Steal A Taco” promotion for the series between Golden State and the Eastern Conference winner. All that needs […]

  If you’re one of those people who enjoy a chance to “taste the rainbow” this summer should be fun. Skittles is releasing three limited edition flavors just in time for the summer. The three summer flavors are Freeze Pop and Sour Wild Berry which will be available exclusively at Dollar General, and Skittles Imposters […]

Friday, March 15th is World Sleep Day. A few simple tricks could help get some quality shuteye. Experts say to avoid stressful activities before bed. Even though some people say exercise works for them before going to sleep, don’t make your training too intense. Try to avoid too much light, caffeine, and alcohol at night. […]

March 12th is National Pancake Day and yes you should have pancakes for every meal. But before you call in and make plans to hang out at your local pancake house all day here are four pancake deals that will give you a reason to celebrate. Of course, the OG of pancake restaurants is IHOP […]

Some of the craziest concoctions to come from Starbucks sound like they could have been invented by stoners, so it makes perfect sense that the coffee giant could be the first big chain to get into the cannabis drink market. While many small independent shops are already infusing their drinks, some cities are cracking down, […]

If you’re trying to kick your pot of coffee a day habit, you’ll be happy to know there are other ways to get energized that don’t require ODing on caffeine. Exercise is the way to go, says Alistair Hopper of Flex Fitness in Winnipeg, Manitoba, who tells people to start their mornings off with “cardiovascular […]

Jay-Z and Beyoncé ‘Challenge You’ to Try a Plant-Based Diet Jay-Z and Beyonce have recently written an Introduction to a new book by Beyonce’s trainer, Marco Borges. The book is called, The Greenprint: Plant-Based Diet, Best Body, Better World. They discuss how parenthood has changed their view on dieting and eating healthy. At first, Marco started […]


Serena Williams fell into popular belief as a first time mommy. As Williams has been preparing to return to the tennis court she has been taking the proper steps in doing so. The urban myth that breastfeeding helps in losing weight. As Williams attempted to lose weight from breastfeeding she realized it was not helping […]