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April 13, 2010. It seems like for the past few weeks, everyone has been DOGGING out Shaquille O’Neal for cheating on Shaunie. This months Essence magazine even calls Shaunie “brilliant” for managing to negotiate a substantial settlement with her NBA baller ex.

Well we here at decided to do a little DIGGING into Shaunie’s past. And we found a WHOLE LOT OF SKELETONS in her closet.

Probably the most interesting one is the one concerning HOW she initially met Shaq.

According to one of’s VERY RELIABLE snitches, Shaunie was MARRIED to one of Shaq’s business associates when she first met the Seven foot baller. And she and her husband had a CHILD TOGETHER.

But the insider claims that a WEDDING RING wasn’t going to come between Shaunie and the life she now leads today. The insider claims, “I can’t say that Shaunie and Shaq were intimate when she was together with her husband, but I can tell you that Shaq was one of the reasons why she filed to divorce [her first husband].”

Via Midia Takeout