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The year 2020 is all about perspective. You can look at it as a time frame that robbed you of people, opportunities, and relationships, or you can choose to view it as the universe pressing reset and allowing you to create a new beginning. Positive self-talk is what got me through most of this year. Learning to be more gentle with myself helped shaped how I viewed who I am.

With Covid taking over most of the year, I was able to really experience myself in a different way. Quarantined at home with no reason to put on makeup, get dressed up, and go out, it helped me confront my own views on what it means to be and feel beautiful. Because I had no choice but to sit with myself, it gave me the opportunity to examine the conversations I had in relationship to my physical appearance.

Once my language began to change, I noticed a shift in how I treated myself. There was an internal glow up that took place the minute I recognized my value. That self-love energy will have you out in these streets, living your best life in the most unapologetic way possible. If you’re eager to leave the negative self-talk in 2020, here are 10 affirmations to bring with you into 2021.

The Only Beauty Standards I Have to Adhere to Are My Own

Society will tell you that your edges need to be laid, your face needs to be contoured, your wig needs to be long and straight, if you want to be viewed as beautiful. Guess what? It’s not my job to live up to standards I did not create for myself. The world’s beauty standards are not my own. The minute you process that and live in that truth, you really won’t care about what everyone else is doing. Everything isn’t for everybody. Commit to living in your personal truth. Long straight hair is cute, but that look doesn’t compliment me. I know my lane, and I stay there.

My Beauty and My Worth Doesn’t Change Based On Anyone’s Opinion of Me

Someone find you unattractive? None of your concern. I used to be highly offended when someone didn’t find me cute. It’s like, “‘cuse me, are your eyes broken or something?” The fact of the matter is you are not going to be for everyone. Their opinion has absolutely nothing to do with you because your worth isn’t rooted in their ability to see your beauty. Think of the most beautiful woman on earth. There is someone out there who finds her repulsive. Having a strong sense of self is recognizing that despite your opinion of me, I’m still that chick!

My Flaws Make Me Unique

Each of our faces were uniquely crafted by God Himself. What you consider a flaw, is what sets you apart from the next person. Instead of hating your flaws because they make you look different, embrace them because they make you stand out. In my journey to positive self-talk, I no longer discuss other people’s flaws in a way that would put them down. Why highlight something on someone else that they’re possibly self-conscious about? I am dedicated to using my energy to affirm the beauty in my flaws, as well as yours.

My Complexion is Beautiful

Colorism is real. I grew up despising my melanin. After being told that I’m “pretty for a brown skinned girl,” I developed a complex that told me light skin is the right skin. That’s a whole lie! My melanin, and yours, is breathtakingly beautiful. Now more than ever, I’ve developed the deepest appreciation for my completion. The world may not have a full appreciation for dark skin, but there are millions of women across the globe tanning, and wearing darker foundations in order to emulate our Blackness. Your complexion – light or dark – is poppin’.

I am GLOWING, Continuously

There’s a beautiful glowing energy that occurs when you begin to love yourself. When you shift your thoughts and focus on inner-beauty, it will permeate through your pores. That glow will be bright, effortless, and continuous. There’s something about owning who you are and not being swayed by others’ opinions of you that takes you to the next level. The glow comes from deep within. It comes from prioritizing yourself, managing self-care, and recognizing your worth. Doing this will have you looking better than you would after any spa day visit. The more you tap into that energy, the more your glow will illuminate. 


Marsha B

Source: Britt Smith Photography / Britt Smith Photography

I Am The Vision of Perfection That I Seek

I noticed at one point I was constantly trying to improve my appearance as if something was wrong with how I looked. I would say, “maybe if my nose was smaller I’d look better,” or “If my hair texture was more manageable I’d be more appealing.” It took a lot of self-acceptance for me to full understand that I am perfectly imperfect.  Also, there’s nothing wrong with my round Black nose, or my kinky textured hair. I am the vision of perfection that I seek. Loving on yourself and understanding that you really are something special, will have you walking and talking like a brand new person.

My Skin is Getting Better and Better Everyday

Every now and then our skin acts like a problematic child. Some of it is genetics, some of it is what you eat, some of it is your skin care regimen, and most of it is your water intake. Either way, talking negatively about your skin won’t make it magically clear up. Use that energy to breathe new life into your appearance. When you get a breakout, say things like, “my skin is clearing up each and every day.” Beauty affirmations may seem cliche, but they’ll help you see yourself in a new light.

A quick tip to clearing up your skin drastically is increasing your water intake. Over the last few months I’ve committed myself to drinking a gallon of water each day. My skin has improved so much! Not only did my complexion even out, but that pesky back acne went away too!

My Beauty Is Not Reflected In My Size

I basically feel like I’ve spent my whole life on a diet. My weight has been a source of insecurities for some time now. It wasn’t until I learned to really love myself, that I realized my beauty isn’t dependent on being a smaller size. I am beautiful because I AM BEAUTIFUL. Sometimes we think we’d be a baddie if we just lost a few additional pounds. The truth is, we’re baddies regardless of what the scale says.

Recognizing that my beauty isn’t tied to my hair length, skin complexion, or size helped me really accept every part of who I am.

I Get Better With Age

Growing older is a blessing that not everyone gets to enjoy. With aging comes changes in your skin and body. You start reacting to weight loss or weight gain differently. There will be a spike in grey hairs, and you may notice a crease or two show up on your face. Embrace it. It is such a privilege to grow older. Part of the process is enjoying the journey, every step of the way. The key to getting better with age is accepting every part of who you are.

I turned 37 this month and I was met with a lot of, “37, where?” comments. That confused me because I’m not to sure how 37 is supposed to look. In any case, I intend to glow until I can’t glow anymore!

I Am The Prize

I am, and always will be, the prize. I am valuable. I am powerful. I am a gift to this world. I am a gift to my friends, family, associates, colleagues, and lovers. My presence is needed in this lifetime. My existence adds to the joy and creativity of the world. Basically what I’m saying is, I am worth a whole lot.

This affirmation right here just might be the one to change your life. We are valuable human beings but often times we let life’s circumstances or situations tell us differently. Despite the story of what you’ve been through or how you’ve been treated, know that you matter. You are, and always will be, the prize.


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