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Owner of Infusion Lounge, Jamie Atlig is in the news today after a heated argument with a customer resulted in him pulling a gun out. Atlig felt threatened as he claims that the customer was drawing a gun, when in reality he was just grabbing his bike lock…

In the video, it appears that the customer was already leaving the bar when the bar owner had his gun drawn. Infusion Lounge is in the Old City neighborhood of Philadelphia. Witnesses on the scene say that the customer and the bar owner had a back and forth political argument where the customer told the bar owner, to keep his “MAGA privilege” and Jamie Altlig replied saying, “Trump 2020”.

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No arrests have currently been made. More news to come as the story develops

Philly Bar Owner Points Gun At Customer After Feeling Threatened, Yells Out “Trump 2020” [Video]  was originally published on classixphilly.com