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Juju from Love and Hip Hop New York is tired of talking about Cam’ron and misses her friendship with Safaree.

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Juju stopped by on Wednesday with Greg Parker for A Million Ways to Make A Million Dollars. She dropped gems about the real estate business. Of course we had to hold her over for a chat. When Q introduced her it quickly took a detour. Watch interview below.

Q: Imma tell you how I know Juju because you were the longtime girlfriend of Cam’ron

(Juju jumps in) I wasn’t his girlfriend, I was engaged and I don’t know who you are talking about. Here’s the thing, It’s been almost two and a half three years. I would have wished it ended on  a different note and the random attacks wouldn’t be happening but it is what it is.
K. Foxx: You and Safaree had a friendship going on people thought it may have been something else
Juju: Listen let me clear it up for the 100th time. Safaree and I were just friends. To be honest with you, when I met Safaree I was single and it was the first time I ever had a friendship with someone of the opposite sex without having to explain. I was free to have a friendship. I was single and I don’t have to deny anything. If I dated Safaree, I dated him. I don’t care what anybody would have said about him. But no, it was a friendship. I wish him the best, he got married, he has a baby, everything is looking up for him. I’m happy for him. 
She goes on to say that because the media and everyone always tried to make their friendship seem more than it was, it impacted their friendship and they are not really close anymore. Watch the full interview below