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We all have them! They are the people who govern our every move for most of the day. If you have not already guessed, we’re talking about employers!

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Have you ever read a company email and wondered what your employer was really trying to say?

It seems like decoding work emails is a job in itself.

In honor of National Boss Day, here are 4 common phrases employers say and what they actually mean when using them.

1. Per Our Last Email

This phrase can be considered the ultimate level of disrespect in a professional clap back. If your employer emails this to you, chances are they’re annoyed because you may have missed an important detail. What they really want to say is, “let me repeat myself again, in case you suddenly can’t read….”

2. You are mandated to….

No one wants to hear this phrase because it usually doesn’t end well. It’s The HR-appropriate way to say, “you have no choice, but to do what I’ve asked.”

3. Moving forward 

This phrase is not as bad as the rest. You may have slightly dropped the ball at work, and your boss is simply saying, “do not  do screw up like this again. ”

4.I’ve copied….. to this email

This phase can be summed into two words: paper trail. If your boss is adding others to the conversation, it’s probably to get back up. They’re basically saying to their other colleagues, “hey, you’ve witnessed me warn this person.”

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