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Arnez J

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Comedian Arnez J stopped by the show. He is in town at Helium Comedy Club August 31-September 2nd. He got nothing but love for Philly!

North Philly? Now I done tiptoed around that place. I walk through real quiet. Matter of fact I think I put on house slippers cuz I aint want nobody to look at my shoes and want them. [Q-Philly is a special town] You know what tho, one thing about ya’ll, if they like you, they love you. If they hate you, they despise you. I’ve been blessed to come here for over 14 years. Ya’ll don’t owe me anything. Everytime I get on that stage I owe ya’ll because of the way ya’ll come out an represent.

Not only is Arnez J a comedian, he apparently is also a psychic. He read everyone but here is an excerpt of what he said about Quincy

Quincy is not satisfied with where Quincy is at. And he goes in turmoil almost everyday about where he’s at because he knows he should be in a lot of different places. He knows his level of where he wants to be