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Sean Johnson

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You may recall a story from 2017 about Brennon Jones, the barber in Philly who was going around cutting the hair of the homeless. Click here for the backstory.

Fast forward to 2018, and Brennon Jones lost his shop. The owner took back what Brennon thought was a gift. Why would he do that? The Quincy Harris Morning Show interviewed the owner, Sean Johnson to get to the bottom of it.

According to Sean, the shop that Brennon was “gifted” was only free on Mondays, for him to cut the hair of the homeless, the rest of the week the shop was a regular money making barber shop and he was expected to pay rent for the rest of the week. Brennon only paid the electric bill one time yet was receiving money from various organizations and donations. Sean requested that Brennon hang his barber license on the wall as is legally required and he never did. Sean later finds out that Brennon does not have a license and therefore had to remove him from the shop because this could cause the shop to get shut down.

Next issue:-CHILD SUPPORT. The State of New Jersey is calling Sean because Brennon said he works for Sean, when in actuality he was in charge of the shop-not working for Sean. The state was attempting to collect on child support. The last straw for Sean? When Brennon was not paying any rent or any shop bills yet showed up to the shop with a brand new car.

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