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Backlash against Donald Trump’s comments on Haiti, El Salvador and African nations has everyone upset including CNN’s Don Lemon.

Trump called those from Haiti, El Salvador and African nations “people from s**thole countries” and Lemon went in on our president.

At the start of his CNN Tonight broadcast, Lemon said, “The president of the United States is racist.”

Doing a deeper dive, Lemon said of Trump, “Those comments are frankly disgusting. There’s other language I would like to use, but we are on television. But you know what? They’re not shocking. Not even really surprising, because this is who Donald Trump is. This is what he thinks.”

Lemon continued, “A White House official told CNN they’re not worried, this is good for them, the president’s comments will resonate with his base. Jesus. Admitting that for all their talk about making America great, the president is playing to a base that welcomes his racism and will enjoy it. That is disgraceful.”

“Here’s why I’m not outraged,” Lemon said. “Because people of color warned you.”