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Every once in a while we’ll get a scenario that leaves so much to the imagination. Of course we can’t get every detail but we try to paint the picture in a way that everyone understands the real issue advice is needed for. We’re really going to need some of our veteran #Lovers to call 844-258-8762 and offer some advice for Monae’s #OHSOREALScenario:

Monae-29 met 63-year-old Horace 8 years ago at a mall when she was a struggling college student. Horace was very free with his spending and became Monae’s “sugar-daddy” while she got her degree. Over the years the gifts and wining-n-dining have gotten more expensive when they connected every few months or so, but the last thing Monae expected was for Horace to ask her to consider marrying him now that he’s finalized his divorce. Monae does have feelings for Horace but she doesn’t know if the way they met will prevent the possibility of true happiness. Tonight Monae’s asking, is she crazy to think this relationship can still work? 


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