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O.J. Simpson is a free man now but, may be having a little too much fun in Vegas. After having a great time at the Cosmopolitan Hotel’s Clique Bar & Lounge, Simpson got carried away and broke a few glasses at the bar.

After the disrupt, O.J. was escorted out by the security guards of the Cosmopolitan but, he may face bigger problems. He has to be careful because things like this can get O.J. sent back to prison!

The incident took place five weeks after Simpson walked out of a Nevada lockup following a nine-year stint for the 2007 robbery of two memorabilia dealers at a Sin City casino.

Under the terms of his parole, Simpson can drink alcohol but not in excess, and is subject to both drug and alcohol testing from his parole officer.

Simpson’s lawyer Malcolm LaVergne told the Daily News that Simpson was neither drunk nor belligerent.

“Like most things I deal with related to Simpson, 99% of this is bulls–t,” LaVergne said. “The 1% of it that’s true is he was from the property.”

Let’s pray O.J. stays on track so he doesn’t go back to prison.

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