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What is SIHLE

Source: Tiffany Bacon / Tiffany Bacon

Let’s be honest, when it comes to healthy relationships we don’t always have great examples filtering through our social media. Our youth, as well as many adults, live in the cyber social world. We are influenced by what we hear and see. There’s always a video or meme about how crazy/unattractive-too attractive/too independent/crazy women are and how dead beat/ dumb/ crazy/ abusive/ lazy/abusive men are. In “real life” many of us are not experiencing healthy relationships either. There is a local program that helps our teen girls understands the components of a healthy relationship, warning signs for abuse and making better life choices.

The Philadelphia SIHLE (Sisters Informing Healing Living and Empowering) Project is a program of Public Health Management Corporation (PHMC). This is a healthy lifestyles workshop for black teen girls ages 14 to 18. We focus on reducing HIV sexual risk behaviors, improving personal communication, identifying & maintaining healthy relationships and promoting gender & ethnic pride. This is a 4 day workshop that meets for 3 hours each day. We also offer special weekend workshops where the girls will attend our 6 hour sessions on a Saturday and a Sunday. They will complete the 12 hour program in one weekend.

Our girls will receive, upon graduation, a Visa gift card and 12 hours of community service credits. We host SIHLE sessions all over Philadelphia. We cannot, however, service Delaware or New Jersey this time. Our next workshop will take place on Saturday August 19 & Sunday August 20, 2017 at PHMC, Centre Square East, 1500 Market Street, Phila, Pa 19102. The workshops will meet at 11am. You can register a young lady for SIHLE or to inquire about hosting a SIHLE cycle at your school or organization CLICK HERE.