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Beyonce’s performance at the Country Music Awards sparked a bigoted backlash that apparently forced the Country Music Association to remove all mentions of the pop superstar from their social media accounts.

The move resulted in a clapback from Black Twitter. Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson tweeted:

On Friday, Roland Martin, Host and Managing Editor of NewsOne Now, decided to weigh in on the CMA bowing down to the pressure of racists.

Martin began his fiery rebuke of the Country Music Association, detailing how the organization used Beyoncé to drive ratings on the same night of the seventh game of the World Series, but when White racist country music fans reacted to the performance, CMA cowered and did not respond.

Martin said, “What you should’ve done … is say how proud you were of Beyoncé and call out those bigots who were trashing her and her performance.”

The opinionated NewsOne Now host continued, “This is where the Country Music Association needs to man and woman up and hold those folks to task.”  

Martin went on to challenge CMA for their inconspicuous move to remove all mention of Beyoncé from their social media platforms to “stand up to racism, [and] stand up to bigotry” by posting the video clip of the performance and then expose the racists who espouse hate in response to it.

“What the CMA cannot do is be silent in the face of racism,” said Martin. Adding, “You owe America, you owe [it to] your fans to check those who chose to criticize Beyoncé.” 

Martin concluded, “Stop being scared, stop being weak, stop being impotent, put it back on your Facebook page, put it on your Instagram page, put it on your Twitter page, because America needs to see the bigots out there and expose them for who they really are. So stop being weak.”

Watch Roland Martin’s blistering response to the CMA removing Beyoncé from their social media accounts in the video clip above.


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