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Singer/songwriter Stevie Wonder spoke with Roland Martin during his syndicated radio program The Roland Martin Show about why it is important for African-Americans to exercise their right to vote in this year’s election.

Wonder, who will be hitting the campaign trail with Hillary Clinton, had a special message for Black millennials who claim they are going to skip the 2016 presidential election, explaining it’s imperative to him to see the very best happen for our children.

For those who are shocked and cannot comprehend the level of negative, as well as inflammatory rhetoric used during this election cycle, Wonder said, “Believe it, it’s real.” The singing sensation added, “Evil spirits don’t die easy.”

In thinking about African-Americans, the Black Lives Matter movement, and where we are as a people, Wonder said the issue “is not complicated to me at all, understanding that we as Black people are the original people of the planet – so why would we not matter?

Wonder addressed the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump, saying, “You can’t expect a man who has been a reality television personality to really be living in reality … and that’s just the way it is.

“The only thing we can do is understand clearly that our vote does matter,” he stressed.

Prior to the end of Martin and Wonder’s conversation, the beloved singer made the case for Hillary Clinton, touting her decades of work making life better for those who have been victims of prejudice and women who do not receive equal pay for equal work.

Taking a shot at Donald Trump’s slogan, Wonder said, “It’s not about making America great again. America is already great, we just got to get it greater.”


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