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Caution (Do Not Cross) Police Tape

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High School Students Witness The Shooting Of Two Classmates

Police have taken three people into custody for questioning after Darnell Wilkerson, 18 and John Trinidad, 17 were shot one block away from Thomas Jefferson High Educational Campus in East New York. Trinidad who was still a student at the school was shot in his arm while Wilkerson, a known gang member, was fatally wounded in the head. Wilkerson was a recent graduate of Thomas Jefferson. Students began to scramble back into the school and into local businesses when five gun shots were heard at approximately 2:45pm. Police believe a fight at the school earlier in the day led to the shooting. {NY Post}

Presidential Candidate Didn’t Disclose Million Dollar Campaign Loan

Ted Cruz is currently under fire for failing to report a $500,000 loan from investment bank Goldman Sachs, where his wife, Heidi worked before taking leave from its Houston office to help her husband’s campaign. The Cruz’s also received a line of credit from Citibank that would bring the total value of the loans to as much as $1 million. The funds were used to help the junior Senator of Texas defeat Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst in the Republican primary and Democrat Paul Sadler in the general election. The current Republican Presidential candidate may have attempted to cover up the loan by stating that he and his wife liquidated the assets in their brokerage account and any misinformation about the loans were “inadvertent”. The politician said he will make an amendment to his filings with the Federal Election Commission to include the previously undisclosed funds. {The NY Times}

12-Year-Old Girl Accidental Victim In Gang Rivalry 

Jakwan Keller has plead not guilty to murder, weapons possession and other charges in connection with the death of . In October 2015, Keller allegedly shot one bullet through the window of a Long Island home killing 12-year-old Joyner as she was eating. The shooting was supposedly an act of retaliation as Keller’s little brother may have had his hoverboard stolen by Joyner’s brother days earlier. Both young men are said to be apart of rival sets of the Blood gang. Joyner’s brother was not at home at the time of the shooting. The 7th grader was hit in the head and she died the next day. While the shooting itself wasn’t captured on camera, Keller was identified as a suspect after police received dozens of tips and collected video from the area. {NY Daily News}

If You Matched At Least One Powerball Number, You Get A Prize

Remember in elementary school sporting competitions when everyone got a trophy, win or lose? Well that’s also the case with the Powerball. Only 3 people had all six numbers: 4, 8, 19, 27 and 34 with a Powerball of 10. The three top winners will split the historic $1.58 billion, each earning $528 million. Millions of other players throughout the nation, 23,067,308 to be exact can also claim to have won the lottery with their modest prizes, ranging from $4 to $1 million.

MATCH FIVE: Congrats to the seventy-three tickets that earned $1 million for matching the first five numbers, but not the Powerball.

MATCH FOUR AND POWERBALL: Almost one thousand people (827 to be exact) will take home a prize of $50,000 for matching the four of the first five numbers and the Powerball

MATCH FOUR: There are Thousands 20,544 winners of a $100 who matched four numbers without the lucky Powerball

MATCH THREE AND POWERBALL: If you had three numbers and the right Powerball, you’re one of 47,685 ticket-holders who also earned $100.

MATCH THREE: Don’t spend your $7 lightly if you were one of the whopping 1,164,124 players who matched three numbers.

MATCH TWO AND POWERBALL: Another way to win $7: Match two numbers and the Powerball. At least 895,097 players did so.

MATCH ONE AND POWERBALL: It’s better than nothing! A remarkable 6,343,237 players earned $4 each for getting one number and the Powerball right.

MATCH POWERBALL: If the only winning number off your ticket was the Powerball “10”, congrats you’re one of 14,595,721 players who will get $4 for the pick. {NY Daily News}


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