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Most adults would freeze with fear if burglars entered their homes while they were there.

But not 12-year-old Deion Murdock (pictured) of Port Author, Texas. Murdock was home alone last Tuesday when he heard home invaders inside of his house. He took cover inside of a closet in his mother’s room and called 911. 12News exclusively obtained audio of the 911 call between Murduck and the dispatcher, LaTonya James (pictured).

“Someone’s trying to break into my house,” Murdock told James, 32, the dispatcher with the Port Arthur Police Department. The brave young man stayed on the line and followed James’ instructions to hide in a closet after the intruders broke through a window. He remained brave and calmly described to her what he could hear from inside the closet.

Even when the intruders entered his mother’s room, Murdock kept his cool. “I’m going to have to whisper now because I think they’re coming in,” he said. “It sounds like there are multiple people.” After the boy began to whimper in fear as the men walked around the room, James praised the boy’s bravery.

“You’re doing good, doing real good, doing perfect,” she told him. “Your mom’s going to be so proud of you.”

Watch dispatcher describe the 911 call:

“This is actually the only thing I could think of,” Murdock said. The dispatcher praised him again. “Well, you though well. You thought well. You’re a very, very smart young man. You did a good thing.”

The cops arrived at the scene in a matter of minutes.

They saw the two suspects flea into a wooded area near the house. The men were later caught and arrested. The boy’s mom told 12News that she had gone to the local housing authority because she wanted to move and figured that her son would be safe. He was not harmed during the ordeal.

While everyone has lauded the young boy’s bravery, many have praised James’ poise as well.

“I can’t take sole credit on this,” James said. “It was a group effort with the dispatchers in the room keeping me calm. Deion was safe and the suspects were caught, so you can’t ask for much more than that.”

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