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So I think its safe to assume that we have all embarrassed ourselves as kids tripping all over the carpet while trying to follow the impressive partner footwork  that Kid N Play did effortlessly. The rapping duo debuted their funky foot work in the cult classic House Party where they played skirt chasing, party hopping, teenagers who just wanted to enjoy their youth regardless of the shenanigans they got themselves into.  But if you lived under a rock and don’t remember this timeless dance Check out this video:



If your horizontally challenged like I am then you understand the stress  of trying  to do the worm  when challenged in a dance battle at a party. The dance is kind of a dolphin motion but on land and to the beat of music mostly associated in the breakdancing genre of dance. This move became a dance craze in the funk period in the 80’s. This dance is often credited to Michael Jackson along with a number of other dances on this list. If you’re confident enough to dare try this dance here’s a link to give you some steps


Before MC Hammer forgot to pay his taxes he was known for much more entertaining  life choices.  While his choice in pants may not be one of our favorites the dance he created and thus named after himself  sure is. The MC Hammer dance came out in the early 90’s with his single “Can’t Touch This” where and several scantily clad ladies. And since I can only describe this dance as moving side to side like your being electrocuted but with rhythm maybe this video can give you a better understanding:



Before we learned hip dances like the “dougie” or “cook”, came legendary footwork that can’t be described with witty humor but just timeless classic moves that Michael Jackson blessed generations with forever. The King of Pop made his footsteps look as if he were walking on air… literally. Some of us attempt to reimagine the dance steps of MJ, while others, like me, simply leave it to the King.


words by: Saudia Durrant

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