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This year at the Oscars, actress Helen Hunt decided venture off from the ‘a typical’  high end designers normally featured at award shows and wear H&M  ! Yes, the H&M in your local mall! Although,  I didn’t personally love Hellen’s dress, it sent a bold message to this generation of “red bottom and Louie bag,” wearing youth.  To me, the message says,  you DO NOT always have to wear the “in” label or designer. Helen say’s she wore the dress simply because it was the best dress she tried on. PERIOD!

Okay, now that we’ve gotten that “special message” across , Helen was by no means being “frugal” at this years Oscars.  The leading lady  still added a an expensive splash of Hollywood glam with $700,000 worth of jewelry,  courtesy of Martin Katz. Blimey!

Here is Hellen’s H&M Oscars Look

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