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Is regifting okay? According to nationalregiftingday.com, 60% of people think it’s becoming more acceptable.

With the holiday season comes the thoughts of what to get loved ones. While there are people who are okay with the act of regifting, be sure that if you’re going to do it you do it right.

If you’re going to give away a gift that you were given, there are a few things to consider:

 1. Was the item used?

If the answer is yes, don’t give it to anyone else. It will come off as being thoughtless and careless.

 2. Are the gift giver and receiver in the same social circle?

Want to avoid the original gift giver getting mad at you? Avoid people in the same circle.

 3. Are you going to rewrap the gift?

You have to rewrap it. Unless you want to be seen as lazy. Also be sure to check if the item has a card. It would be embarrassing if you give a gift you didn’t open that also has a card meant for you in it.

4. Does the gift you were given remind you of someone, or is it something you know they’d like?

It’s true when they say it’s the thought that counts. While you might not be spending money on the gift– you should only give it to the person if you know they’ll like it, you would’ve bought the item for someone with your own money, or the gift seems like it suits them.

 5. Is the gift unique?

If you received a gift that is an heirloom or something that is one of a kind, regifting it probably isn’t a good idea. It’ll be easy to spot.

Of course there are also people who just don’t like regifting because they think it’s rude.

Because of the state of the economy, there are people who find it more acceptable, but keep in mind that others find it to be rude and inconsiderate.

There’s a fine line that you have to walk when you regift. If you plan on doing it, make sure you keep in mind that the person might find out.

Words by Stephanie Lauredent: @StephLauredent


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