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What do drugs, drinking and driving, and downloading music have in common? By law, they are all illegal, yet people indulge in them anyway. So, what if abortion was illegal?

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The Pennsylvania legislation would be wasting their time to attempt to outlaw abortions statewide. As the already instated abortion laws are becoming stricter by the moment, you must believe people are already searching for ways around them.

According to the National Right to Life,, the number of abortions seems to be staggering from the last number on record: 37,778 abortions in 2010. They believe that if it were not for the new requirements in place for Abortions to be performed in the state of Pennsylvania, this number would be much higher and rising.

In a utopian society, outlawing abortions may make women more conscious of birth control, less promiscuous and more likely to practice safe sex. Unfortunately, we live in the real world. As a result, getting rid of a woman’s right to “choose,” will open the door to many possibly damaging effects.

The Gutt Macher Institute’s state center concludes that, “abortion is one of the safest surgical procedures for women in the United States.” In the event abortion was outlawed, women would be in search of ways around the law that may be extremely dangerous for their health.

Also, children may then be born into unfit families, subject to abuse, neglect or even abandonment.

While the Pennsylvania legislative has the well being of it’s residents in mind, they fail to realize that with the world we live in, outlawing abortion will be more harm than help.

So let me ask you again, what if abortion was illegal?

words by: Maya Brown

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