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Marlo Hampton was being looked at to replace Kim Zolciak on the Atlanta Housewives (after this season when she will be leaving for her OWN SHOW).

We also were the FIRST to tell you that Marlo, the new woman on the Atlanta Housewives, had a CRIMINAL past. Well on last night’s episode, Marlo spoke SPECIFICALLY about her criminal past – blaming her criminal behavior on the fact that she grew up IN FOSTER CARE.

But she didn’t tell you exactly WHAT SHE DID!!!  Marlo was involved in a brutal stabbing that ended with a woman DEAD!  

Here’s what occurred. Marlo got into a fight with a woman inside a Florida club. During the fight, Marlo pulled out a knife and CARVED UP THE WOMAN’S FACE. The knife wounds were so serious that the woman nearly BLED TO DEATH ON THE SPOT!!!

The woman was EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL before the attack. In fact she was routinely WINED AND DINED by professional basketball players. But afterwards she was grotesquely DISFIGURED – because the wounds to her face were so SEVERE!!!

And living with that DISFIGUREMENT likely contributed to the woman’s death. Because six years after the altercation with MARLO, the woman committed SUICIDE – leaving behind a son and a grieving family.

Marlo was convicted of a MINOR offense, and never served ANY REAL TIME for the offense.