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One of the most recent hair debates have been between those who like or dislike the latest natural hair trend of Sisterlocks. The question about Sisterlocks or traditional locs is whether one is better than the other.You may be unfamiliar with the term Sisterlocks, but you’ve probably seen them many times. Sisterlocks are simply dreadlocks that are much smaller and are attained differently than traditional locs. With Sisterlocks, you can still begin the process even with relaxed hair, but only if you have at least an inch and a half of new growth. Traditional locs are usually started with solely natural, unpermed hair.

So what’s the debate about?

Questions are raised within the natural community if Sisterlocks are indeed “real locs”. Since they can be started using relaxed hair, the authenticity of this new fad in locs are also questioned. Defenders of Sisterlocks believe they are just as good and may be better than traditional locs. Although they may be good, one of the most common gripes with Sisterlocks is how extremely expensive they can be. A random search of natural hair shops produced prices from $475 to $900 for Sisterlocks. And those are just starting prices. While they are expensive, they are much smaller therefore very versatile for various hairstyles. It has also been said that they are much more “professional looking”. However, if Sisterlocks are said to be more professional, then are traditional locs not professional?

The stark divide between hair groups are all too common among women and especially African American women. Preference is certainly valid and no hairstyle is better than the other. Hopefully instead of debating about how to wear our hair, we can share tips, uplift, and encourage each other for our hair choices.

words by: @valeryeg


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