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Do you have the world’s worst weave? Have you ever seen a weave so ridiculously terrible it made you upset with the person for wearing it? Or it’s so crazy looking, you had to laugh? It has gotten so bad, Facebook groups have been created like Brothers Against Bad Weaves and Men Against Weaves, protesting against bad weaves. There are quite a few different types of ways to enhance your own hair with a weave.

There’s the sew-in weave when your hair is cornrowed to your head and tracks of weave are actually sewn in using a hair sewing needle. Then there’s the glue in weave when the weave is glued to either your scalp or a cap. The newest weave craze is the lace front weave which is actually a wig that’s made to look like the hair grew from your head. Below are some pictures of bad weaves and what NOT to do when getting one. These are indeed some of the world’s worst weaves!

Exibit A. This is an example of a “struggle lace front.”

Here you have visible tracks showing everyone you’re wearing a weave.

Again, your track should not be visible especially on a bang! And try to either blend colors or keep it to one color.

I loved her in “Girlfriends” but….girl….

Another lace front done terribly wrong and is that baby hair?

Unless you want someone like Oprah laughing at your bad weave, it’s highly suggested making sure it looks presentable at all times. If not, you just may end up having one of the world’s worst weaves.

words by: @valeryeg