Via HelloBeautiful Fantasia who just had a baby by married boyfriend Antwuan Cook, may be raising two kids on her own as Antwuan was spotted…

Looks like Fantasia is not in the clear in the lawsuit that was filed against her by Paula Cook for sleeping with her husband. Antwaun Cook’s wife Paula has filed an appeal against the ruling that she couldn’t sue you for alienation of affection based on the fact Fantasia’s lawyer and the judge presiding over […]

After meeting with her boyfriend's Antwaun Cook's wife Paula Cook for 14 hours, Fantasia may still be facing a lawsuit for “stealing” Cook's husband.

After everything has already been discovered about Fantasia and Antwaun Cook’s relationship, the married man has finally come forward to give his side of the story. Antwaun’s lawyer, Nicole Sodoma, released a statement last night regarding his position about both Fantasia and his wife Paula. “Antwaun would be remiss not to address the criticism and […]

Fantasia’s married boyfriend’s wife Paula Cook is speaking out through her lawyer and she says she has been humiliated by Fantasia’s relationship with her husband, Antwaun Cook.