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Fans Find out Leaf Ward is from Philly; Twitter Reacts

Source: Cloudy Concepts Productions LLC / Tiarra Bates

One of the premier underground rappers in the Philadelphia area has been receiving side eyes after his hometown has been revealed. After his album They Forgot Leaf Ward has been very popular in the Philadelphia area and is starting to gain traction nationally. Sources say that Ward resides in the Atlanta area and frequently visits New Orleans. After promoting features and networking opportunities, and getting into a fight down south, many of his fans outside the city began to believe he was from the NOLA.

In an interview with the Atlanta based visual series Off the porch, Leaf Ward talks about the music scene down south and why that is where he spends majority of his time. He expresses that there is more opportunities to connect and build your brand in Atlanta as opposed to Philadelphia. “Out here (Atlanta) you got a lot of (people) from all over — Philly, ain’t no reason to come there” Ward said. “Everybody beefing, everybody dissin’ everybody don’t know what the f*** to say out they mouth on them tracks. Out here (In Atlanta) it’s on a more positive note if you ask me. (People) coming from all over to better they situation to get out they hood. It’s crazy bro, I like this. Everybody doing they thing, everybody getting some money too.” Ward said.

With that, a few of Leaf Wards artistry have been created in the southern region and his newfound fans from the South, have been led to believe he was a native of the NOLA. Take a look at the many reactions of fans finding out Leaf Ward was not from New Orleans.