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Kanye West Trends After North West Dresses Up Like Ice Spice

Source: Mark Boland / Getty / Kanye West / North West

North West is her mood, and she is expressing it on what her dad Kanye West considers the devil, TikTok.

Another thing we didn’t see coming, like Tyga and Avril Lavigne swirling, is North West being a fan of Hip-Hop’s hottest star, Ice Spice.

The oldest of Ye and Kim Kardashian’s flock is currently expressing her love for the Bronx rapper on TikTok, and it has become the latest thing Twitter is debating about.

In her latest post, North West took things to another level by dressing up as the “Munch” rapper and dancing alongside friends to “Boys a Liar Pt.2,” a collaborative hit from Ice Spice and Pink Pantheress.

North West gets her cosplay on by rocking an orange wig and Juicy Couture sweatsuit compliment with two chains, one closely resembling Ice Spice’s $100,000 diamond signature neck jewelry with her face on it.

In another video, Ice Spice is in a TikTok post with arguably her most famous fan.

The Yeezy Fans Mount Up For Kanye West

The relatively harmless post has Twitter, primarily those still rocking with AntisemYE, claiming he was right to feel a way about Kim Kardashian allowing their daughter to be on the uber-popular social media platform.

West has made it clear he is not a fan of TikTok, and his loyal fans got “Kanye Was Right” trending. One user shared a video of Yeezy explaining his disdain for his ex-wife antagonizing him by allowing his daughter to be on TikTok.

“Father, I know y’all don’t respect fathers and the idea of family, and the media tries to promote something. I said, ‘I am not allowing my daughter to be used by TikTok, to be used by Disney.’ I have a say so,” West said in the clip. Remember, he also bought Kim K $100,000 worth of Disney stock, so the hypocrisy is loud with this one.

“Kanye was right,” another user began their tweet. “There’s no way a 9-year-old should be idolizing ice spice and listening to her music about twerking and having $ex with men… Kim is a terrible parent.”

Some feel people need to lighten the hell up and relax, saying Northy is just being a kid like everyone else and having fun.

“Y’all saying Kim is wrong and Kanye needs custody bc North got to hang out with her fav artist is so goofy. Y’all are the most miserable group of adults ever,” another Twitter user wrote in a tweet.

The former adidas collaborator has not said anything about his daughter’s latest TikTok posts. Still, he is back on Instagram, so we expect some shenanigans in the form of an IG post to arrive.

You can see more reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Mark Boland / Getty

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