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Our Favorite TV Dads  was originally published on

1. Uncle Phil

Uncle Phil always had you laughing at something Will did to him or the way in which his uptight self-dealt with situations. But we all love Uncle Phil for taking his nephew Will in and raising him up. (Source: The Root)

2. Lucious Lyon

Lucious Lyon

Besides the fact that the man can be pretty cold, he does earn respect for starting his own empire. (pun intended). He’s also got a gangster way of dealing with situations that most people wouldn’t do.

(AP) (Source: The Root)

3. Ray Campbell

Ray Campbell was the father of our favorite twins Tia and Tamera Mowry on “Sister Sister.” Definitely the disciplinary of the family Ray always made sure everyone was in working order but wasn’t above having a little fun himself. (Source: The Root)

4. Carl Winslow

You probably thought or more than one occasion that Carl Winslow was close to having a heart attack with the number of times Steve Earkle drove him crazy. Winslow represented a lot being a father and a Black cop at the same time. He’s always referred to as the, “Only cop I’ve ever trusted,” guy.

(Source: The Root)

5. Papa Pope

Who doesn’t love Papa Pope’s monologue’s or when he pulls a gun on his daughter? No Papa Pope has to be one of the coolest dads ever with being so connected in the government that he pretty much runs the place. And with his daughter vying for control it just makes him that much better.

6. Bernie Mac

Bernie Mac on “The Bernie Mac” was the father to not only his kids but, his sister’s kids as well. It means a lot to take in someone else’s kids and take care of them. But he definitely loved and disciplined them too. (Source: Madame Noire)

7. Andre Johnson

Andre Johnson

Andre Johnson is the dad that tries to keep it real with his kids while teaching them very valuable lessons for life. His eccentric and hilarious personality keeps the family constantly going. (Source: Madame Noire)

(AP) (Madame Noire)

8. Cliff Huxtable

Cliff Huxtable was the all-around dad. He could relate to you, make you laugh and then make you think about what you did wrong after handing it to you real good. (Source: Madame Noire)

9. George Jefferson

George Jefferson wasn’t an easy man and you knew when you watched him raise his son. Besides being a hard one, Mr. Jefferson was funny, smart and even sweet at times. (Source: The Root)

10. James Evans

James Evans is known as the hardworking father who raised his family in the rough parts of Chicago. He and his family got caught up in all kinds of crazy shenanigans that always had us laughing.

(Source: The Root)