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The Big Game went down Sunday night, and the Kansas City Chiefs managed to emerge victorious following a very intense matchup against The San Francisco 49ers that ended in a 22-25 overtime win. The on-field action, however, isn’t the only reason millions of people from around the world tune in.

Usher‘s highly anticipated Halftime Show was a rockin’ good time, with the special guests you’d expect.. plus a few surprises. It was a Millennial’s dream to see Usher, Lil Jon and Luda do it again on the world’s stage and you know it wouldn’t be right to have Jermaine Dupri in the mix. Alicia Keys, Will.I.Am and H.E.R. also joined in on the celebration, with each artist doing their thing during Usher’s music medley.


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Usher, Alicia Keys

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Of course, Beyonce‘s big announcement had The Hive in a frenzy. In addition to a major Verizon ad, Bey teased fans before ultimately dropping a bombshell: Act II is loading.

And we can’t forget about the MEMES. See those and much more below.

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1. Taylor Swift trying her best to explain football to Ice Spice

Taylor Swift trying her best to explain football to Ice Spice Source:Super Bowl

2. Jay-Z on Daddy Duty

Jay-Z on Daddy Duty Source:Super Bowl

Super Bowl Moments, Memes, Music and Highlights 2024 super bowl

3. Champions Again!

Champions Again! Source:Super Bowl

4. Beyoncé Announces New Music With Super Bowl Commercial

5. Millions mistook Jermaine Dupri for CeeLo Green

6. Alicia had a rough start… but she pushed through!!

7. Deadpool & Wolverine Official Teaser!

8. Twisters is Coming This Summer

9. Wicked!

10. The Push Seen Around The World

11. Usher Raymond is NOT a real person

12. This was a special moment

13. Did you notice she fell?

14. Cowboys made it to the Super Bowl after all

15. That cringey commercial with J-Lo and Ben

16. Ok Quinta! The TurboTax Super Bowl File

17. They wasn’t lettin’ up o JD AT ALL

18. Michael Cera will never not be funny

19. We’re ready Bey…

20. To some, it’s more than a game


22. Usher is a Menace

23. This was…a moment

24. Did you catch this bizarre political ad?

25. Alicia Keys Joins Usher for SURPRISE Super Bowl Halftime Performance