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Jill Scott is one of the most glamorous women in the music business but beyond that, she’s also a God-tier vocalist and performer. That said, rumors of a sex tape featuring the Philadelphia native went wide and a certain segment of Twitter nearly broke the service searching for this mythical footage.

We’re already well aware that Miss Scott isn’t afraid to talk about sex and even demonstrated her, ahem, microphone skills during a performance that is still one of the most intense moments in live show history. Prior to that, Scott was struck by a phone photo hack with leaked images making their way to the Internet and that too garnered a flurry of reactions.

Scott’s name began trending across Twitter heavily on Tuesday (Jan. 4) after fans claimed a sex tape was floating around, prompting a number of hilarious and seriously horny responses from both men and women who fancy themselves fans of the singer.

Naturally, the fervor to secure the rumored video was supplemented by an almost rabid contingent of Twitter users laying out their best jokes, memes, gifs, and the like to illustrate their eagerness for this content.

As it stands, Scott, who is active on social media in some respects, has elected to not respond to the chatter but it might soon become unavoidable and perhaps even uncomfortable. If the latter is true, we’re sorry to add to that but we’re just reporting on the facts as we’re witnessing them. It would be fair to say that if a tape exists, it wasn’t meant for public consumption and we should respect that.

A quick look at the Jill Scott trend on Twitter has a number of wild and zany reactions. We’ll share the best of them below.

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