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Last night, some may say that sports fans witnessed the most senseless. ejection in sports history. During a spring training game, J.T. Realmuto was ejected for missing the umpire’s ball in a switch between pitches. You can see in the video as the ball is being dropped, it appears as if the umpires is using his left hand to hold J.T. Realmuto’s glove as he throws the ball into the glove with his right hand. Realmuto, must’ve mistake that left hand placement as the ball being dropped into his glove and moved his hand when the actual ball was being delivered. The umpire deemed this disrespectful enough to warrant an ejection — in a preseason game. Take a look at Realmuto’s reaction:

After the game, Realmuto was very upset, explaining his frustrations to the media. “How does he expect me to know he’s giving me the ball right there?” Realmuto told The Philadelphia Inquirer after the game. “I’m not even looking at him.”

He then goes onto recall the exact words exchanged between himself and umpire Randy Rosenberg. “I said, ‘Dude, I thought you were throwing the ball,’” Realmuto told sources. “He said, ‘I’m not gonna buy that.’”

Officials crew chief Dan Iassogna, anticipating a huge heckling session, did not make Rosenberg available to the meeting after the game. Iassogna made himself available to the press to answer any questions in defense of Rosenberg. When asked was the ejection too harsh of a reaction, he replied “Did Randy act hastily? No, I believe Randy felt like the situation warranted an ejection, and that’s what he did.”

Baseball twitter was not hesitant to make their reactions known. With some mixed reviews in between, the ultimate consensus was that this miscommunication did not deserve an ejection on Realmuto’s part. Check out some of the most popular reactions below.

The Phillies ended up winning the game 5-2, and will have a rematch against the Blue Jay today to end spring training. The Phillies open up their season on the road in Arlington, Tx playing the Texas Rangers at the Choctaw stadium in their season opener March 30th. After a short road trip, they will face the Cincinnati Reds at Citizens Bank Park on April 6th for their home opener. To view the phillies entire 2023-2024 schedule, [CLICK HERE]

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