Mary Mary’s album “Something Big”  has moved us, shaped us and inspired us. This newest video is a reminder that we are all survivors. Without further words here is the second single from the successful “Something Big” album  “Survive”. Taking it back to the beginning, the video for the 2nd single “Survive” was directed by […]

Just because a couple decides to move in together doesn’t mean that you each need to lose your own personal space. In fact, having your designated “chick spot” and “mancave” can be extremely beneficial in domestic partnerships. Just as I like my closet to be my own place, men want their own nook of the […]

Rumor has it that BET has cancelled The Mo’nique Show. We’re  not sure what to make of this one as the show wasn’t cancelled due to it’s low ratings, it is one of the highest rated shows on BET. The cancellation reportedly stems from personality disputes between Mo’Nique and BET execs. No word yet from […]

With the NFL’s lockout finally over, teams are maneuvering to optimize their rosters. Sources have told that The Washington Washington Football Team are looking to ship out Quarterback to the Minnesota Vikings after only one season with the team.  The Pro Bowler was traded to the Washington Football Team after eleven years with the […]

SOME WOMEN ARE REAL FANS. Many men still believe that football is a “guy” thing. They think that women have no idea what a defensive lineman does, what a blitz is, what determine an offsides call and the intricacies of running the spread offense. There are women who know all that and more. They are […]

Kelly Rowland’s third album, Here I Am, dropped yesterday. Kelly and the rest of the Destiny’s Child girls were in NYC to promote it at The Standard Hotel. What seemed like a Destiny’s Child reunion did not go over so well. While fellow DC member, Michelle Williams, fully supported Kelly and took pictures with her, […]

Lauryn Hill gave birth to her sixth child this past Saturday after keeping the mysterious pregnancy a secret for months. Confusion set in when long-time lover Rohan Marley allegedly abandoned Hill for a Brazilian model and refuted our assumptions that he wasn’t the father of her recently born son. Lauryn Hill attempted to set the […]

  *Lauryn Hill has recently been hit with a load of criticism regarding her complicated relationship with Rohan Marley. And after giving birth to her new son and 6th child, she decided to respond: “Mr. Marley and I have a long, complex history in which MANY inaccuracies have been reported since the beginning. To speculate […]

  There has already been frustration expressed from those who simply heard that two-time Academy Award nominee Viola Davis is playing a maid in her next movie – without knowing anything about her character from the book upon which the film is based. But fans of the novel understand that Aibileen is a complex, multi-layered […]

Rihanna was named “Woman Of The Year” by Vogue Italia magazine. Though she hasn’t posed for the mag since September 2009, they still believe her to be worthy of the title considering her continued success since then. Here’s what they had to say: “Independent, energetic, the jewel in the crown of Jay-Z’s stable who helped […]

Sometimes, it happens that when you are overtired or feel under stress, anything can seem like it’s true. Anxiety and unrealistic thinking sets in, which causes you to over-examine every detail in your life and suddenly, every day life seems strenuous and exhausting. While these thoughts may seem counterproductive and difficult to handle, attributing them […]

Idris Elba’s naked body has long been a dream of ours to see. And though we can’t see it in it’s entirety, Idris did post a shirtless picture of himself on Twitter yesterday. We’re wondering, though, was this pic posted by mistake? After sending it into the Twitterverse, he followed up with the message: “Dammmmm […]