Local News

Sixers rank first in the NBA power rankings, and sit third best in the East with great anticipation of a deep playoff run.

Lil Uzi Vert recently made an appearance in California, stopping at Cool Kicks LA to show love to some fans.

Fans are assuming Lil Uzi Vert crossed over to the dark side after his latest lyric saying 'Make a City Girl Believe in Satan'.

Philadelphia is gettin' a piece of that 'Big Food, Big Flavor & Big Fun!'

Pennsylvania may have the perfect place for you as they have name this town the safest place in PA

Around 5am this morning, a minivan crashed into the the police department, damaging the front doors of the building. 

Pizza parlors capitalize on the holiday to try to push their pizza pies out to the community at a discounted rate

In Chinatown a Board of Trustees meeting was held to propose the relocation of their home stadium from South Philly, to Chinatown.

Jason Kelce made his announcement via soicla media that he was retuning to the club for his 13th season.

A local Philadelphia alerted PA Lottery that they had won a $3 Million Dollar prize from a $30 dollar scratch off.

Eagles cornerback Darius Slay, is playing on his final year of his 3-year deal, but is skeptical of his tenure in Philadelphia

One of the premier underground rappers in the Philadelphia area has been receiving side eyes after his hometown has been revealed.