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via: Mediatakout

WHISPERS of a split between R&B singer Mary J Blige and her hubby Kendu have been running rampant in the rumor mill. Now the whispers are getting LOUDER and LOUDER!

According to our paparazzi snitches (who took the above pics), Mary was having a “heated” conversation with the person on the other end o the phone (whom we believe to be Kendu).

What was the heated conversation about? Well it could be about how Kendu and HIS BOYS were at the Floyd Mayweather fight over the weekend. And how MediaTakeOut.com’s snitches OBSERVED them kicking it with NUMEROUS GROUPIES at the Diddy Afterparty.

And if you look closely at Mary’s face. You can see that her mascara is running – like she was just crying.

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