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Dear Gay Best Friend,

I have a question for you. I have a god-sister that’s constantly in competition with me, but she claim she’s her own woman even though I know better!!

She tries to do everything I do from the style of pictures I have online, to the way I dress, and even the guys I date! I really am so confused. Could you please help me understand what’s going on? I’m 22 and she’s 28 years old. What’s really good with that picture? – She’s Copying My Style

“They Say Bigger Is Better, But I’m Not Sure”

Dear Ms. She’s Copying My Style,

Let me tell you something. The biggest form of flattery is when others do what we are doing. They swagger jack, copy, and imitate. I mean, what is the problem with that? Obviously you are doing something right. So why complain?

You see, Ms. Fabulous, people have been copying other people’s styles since the beginning of time. Look how many people came after Jesus trying to do what he does? And, the list goes on and on. Look at your favorite celebrities, rappers, singers, and actors. Nothing they are doing is original or new. They have and are imitating someone else’s style. Chile, like the bible says, There is nothing new under the sun.

Even though she may not admit it to you, and I doubt she ever will, don’t take it personal. Keep doing you. She’s not harming you. She’s not doing anything detrimental to you. So, what’s wrong? I mean really, what’s wrong with what she’s doing?

There is chapter in my book, STRAIGHT FROM YOUR GAY BEST FRIEND, entitled, Family Dearest: You Can Pick Your Friends, But Not Your Family. You see, despite the fact our family is part of our DNA and they help shape and mold us, they are important to have around. Yes, even your god-sister. She may not be your immediate family, but she is part of your circle of people who are influential in your life. And, in the chapter I discuss how now matter what they do, or say, they are just who are they are. No amount of trying to make them, or change them into people we want them to be, they will never become who we would like. It’s important to accept and embrace them for who they are and love them just the same. I suggest you purchase a copy of the book and check it out.

So, Ms. She’s Copying My Style, don’t fret over something minor and silly as your god-sister imitating your style. Look at it as a compliment and how you are a trend-setter and run with it. Chile, I bet if you change your hair blue, red, or yellow, and rave that it’s the new style, and she then copies it, then there will be no denying what you already know. You know what, do something like that and see what happens. And, who knows, you may start a new trend that everyone is copying and doing. You better do you and don’t get caught up in who wants to be you! – Straight From Your Gay Best Friend

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